Building Large-Scale Software Systems Since 1999

We Are Pioneers. technologies was founded in 1999 in the midst of the first internet boom.

Since then, we’ve been building custom software platforms and helping our clients to create their future business models based on software.

Large-scale means: millions of users, queries, transactions and billions of revenue.

From e-commerce to connected cars. Retail, healthcare, mobility, logistics and many more industries. Cloud computing, microservices, artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms. Multi-country, multi-continental. Multi-data center. employees at work employees at work

We Are Software Engineers.

We see software development as an engineering discipline. We focus on simplicity, lean and iterative engineering - and fast delivery processes since our foundation and long before “agile” became a buzzword.

Good software engineering means “keeping it simple”. We are building the simplest “software machine” with as few parts, mechanisms and dependencies as possible.

Simple is not easy.

Becoming a well-rounded software engineer is a long journey that takes many years of hard work and learning. Technology never rests. And neither do we.

A software company built for engineers by engineers. employees at a meeting employees at a meeting

Working at is an exciting adventure, with the goal to become a well-rounded software engineer who is able to plan, create and operate and lead large-scale systems in a team of software engineers.

We Are Reliable. This Creates Trust.

We truly delight in helping clients achieve incredible results.

We are known for our deep technical expertise and our track record of delivering successful software projects. In over two decades, we have never failed to deliver what we promised.

This is why our clients entrust us with their most important projects. Most of our business comes from recommendations.

Over 350 projects shipped on time.

We are one community.

Dunbar’s number suggests that there is a limited amount of meaningful social connections we can maintain. Instead of growing beyond this number in Hamburg, we opened our second engineering hub in Lisbon in 2018.

Our engineering hub in Lisbon operates under the same organizational principles and team structures as our headquarters in Hamburg. Our teams work together seamlessly, sharing knowledge and expertise across borders.

Lisbon has a thriving tech scene, with many talented engineers who prefer to stay in Portugal rather than relocate to Hamburg. Our hub gives them the opportunity to join our ambitious community of software engineers. They tell the story of growing their community in this video.

We Are Efficient, Productive and Successful.

To be successful, you need to be productive. To be productive, you need to be efficient.

Our teams work data-driven and use metrics to constantly optimize efficiency and productivity.

We are using our own project management tool called Revolution. It was built to make it easy to supply our teams with all the data and metrics they need to get a clear picture of the current project status. And the teams use it to predict future project outcomes based on past progress. offine view employee at work

We Are Problem Solvers.

We love taking on difficult and ambitious missions and solving challenging problems. We believe that nothing is impossible.

We combine a growth mindset with long-term thinking and a can-do attitude. employees at a meeting

We Ship Great Products.

“Ship” means that we deliver. Fast and in daily increments. To achieve goals.

“Great” means that we are building scalable systems that can be used, extended and maintained for decades to come.

Most large-scale systems are in operation for over a decade and most of them even longer. Because they are important investments. employees at a meeting

Collective Intelligence and Intelligent Collective.

As engineers, we strive to distribute our knowledge and best practices to everyone within our company. Our goal is to make sure all team members “know what the company knows.” This reduces our reliance on induvidual experts and also helps us avoid making the same mistakes twice.

To keep our expertise up to date, we have a lean and fast request for comments process, where all team members contribute to our knowledge base. This knowledge base is maintained by our various engineering task forces. They continuously publish fresh knowledge base updates for other teams to learn from and apply.

This process allows us to take full advantage of the collective intelligence of our people and creates a very mature engineering organization that still has the speed and determination of a start-up. office view employees at work

We Are a Product Development Organization.

Our teams develop strategically important products and we use the same organizational principles and team structures that were shaped and pioneered by successful Silicon Valley product companies like Google or Apple.

Our teams are deeply involved in the creation of the product from the first idea to the final rollout and even continuing on with long-term product management. foyer employees