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Dear Clients and Partners,
The current situation is challenging for everybody.

Our thoughts are with those who are directly affected by the virus.

Nevertheless, we think that we have to take our part to make the best out of this situation and keep the economy running. This is a major, global crisis and we are sure that this will keep us busy for the upcoming months.

We think that the best we can do is to accept that this is the new normal. We can’t change the past, but we can influence the future outcomes. Personally, this means not to infect others and not getting infected ourselves. But for our business this also means that we will continue our work on the highest professional level.

So, we stay calm and continue our work and take our responsibilities seriously.

Here is how we are taking care of our team members and how we will keep up our services for you:

  • Since Friday, March 13th, our company has been working from the home office.

  • We are completely cloud-based and are used to work from anywhere in the world and we expect no interruption of our business.

  • Our teams continue to do their work as before: We stick to all plans and delivery timelines. Our goal is to continue our work.

  • We will stick to the same communication routines with you, except that we won’t have any in-person meetings for now: We ask you not to travel to meet us and we won’t travel to meet with you.

  • We continue with our application support and our on-call duty availability to prevent and resolve technical issues in your production systems.

Over time we will adapt to the new challenges together. We are planning to share our experience on how to run a large engineering organization remotely in the coming weeks in a video live stream or webinar.

If there is anything we can do to help you to keep your business and your organization running, please contact us anytime.

All the best from your “Freedom Fighters” in Hamburg and Lisbon

Claudia Dietze & Stefan Richter
Founders freiheit.com technologies gmbh


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Cars that drive themselves. Software that learns on its own. Retailers that can predict which product the customer is most likely to buy next.

Together with our clients, we rapidly bring groundbreaking, digital products to market. This is how we pave new ways into a stunning, digital future for our clients. And create digital transformation, hand in hand.

Daring Engineers.
Dedicated Teams.
Brilliant Products.

We are a technology company. Hundreds of computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and business people work hand in hand to develop brilliant products. We are unified by our belief that every day we have the freedom to create the future.

Which is why we do not limit ourselves to trends, methods or industries. Rather, we tackle each new challenge with cross-sector thinking and our experience gathered from hundreds of software projects. The harder the challenge, the better.

At freiheit.com developers are real product engineers: They design digital product ideas and plans, analyze data, develop machine learning algorithms, write entire code from front-end code to back-end code, test and deliver flawless software in very short iterations.

Small, agile product teams shape all levels of product in partnership with their clients. Product teams know the software in its minutest detail. Product teams are also responsible for user experience: They observe the user’s behavior, compare variations from A/B testing and implement improvements by means of data analysis.

Our new "freiheit" in Lisbon.

Directly in the hotspot of Portugal, in Lisbon, we have recently opened our new office. A small, experienced team of engineers from Hamburg, who knows the freiheit.com values and the freiheit.com engineering well, will start there with their new colleagues from Portugal. We are very excited about our new "freiheit.com Lisboa" and look forward to many new colleagues who will support us as part of the freiheit.com community in setting up our new location there. It is important to us that the Lisbon location starts at the same high level as our customers and teams are used to in Hamburg/Germany. As an additional part of the onboarding, every new colleague from Lisbon will be coached, trained and intensively introduced to the freiheit.com culture in Hamburg for a period of 4 to 8 weeks.


we build software cube

German Engineering.
Silicon Valley Fast.

Small teams. Agile methodologies. Continuous deployments. Flat hierarchies. Prompt decisions.

From planning to launching, we bring digital product ideas to life at top speed. We unlock competitive advantage, shape new business models and propel digital transformation processes.

Our way of working merges Silicon Valley’s speed of innovation with Germany’s meticulousness and reliability. In the past 18 years, we never promised anything we couldn’t keep. Yet, in all projects, we have made the seemingly impossible, possible.

Ship great products.
And empower transformation.
That’s the mission.


From order to truck loading: We’ve ensured a future-proof B2B food delivery process for METRO AG. With microservices (based on Docker, Kubernetes) we automatically deploy changes live and on a daily basis.


enfore’s vision is clear-cut: Enable 200 million small businesses with their products and services to take a step towards becoming a digital business. In order to realize that vision, we have developed a global scale data center platform - based on Docker - that is able to cost efficiently “scale” system load. And, at the same time, makes system downtimes almost impossible.


A new world, every week. Since 2010, we continuously develop Tchibo’s online shopping website. Every seven days the customer is able to choose from an entirely new product range. This is made possible by a specialized content management and services due to data refinement and determination of online availability.

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freiheit.com Supports the “Heroes of the Sea”

Europe’s leading German software company contributes to York Hovest’s project of crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat.



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Together with our clients, we rapidly bring groundbreaking, digital products to market. This is how we pave new ways into a stunning, digital future for our clients.