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freiheit.com is investing in people, office and business aiming at long-term excellence.

Hamburg/Lisbon, May 7, 2019 – The German software company freiheit.com announces the opening of a new office in Lisbon. Specialised in building large-scale software platforms, the internet pioneer works for the who-is-who of the European economy such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Engel & Völkers and METRO. The company is a partner of Google and has a team of 150 people of which 85 per cent are software engineers. The company’s name ‘freiheit’ means ‘freedom’ or ‘liberdade’ and expresses its mission – to take the freedom to create the future with its software. With the new office in Lisbon, freiheit.com will further extend its reach by investing in long-term excellence at Europe’s new tech hotspot.

Claudia Dietze, Co-Founder and Managing Director of freiheit.com, explains: “From the start, we have shared a strong believe in free, open source software - long, before it became mainstream. It gives us the freedom to create the best software for building our future. So, we decided to name our company ‘freiheit’ which means ‘freedom’ or ‘liberdade’. We think, it is the perfect name - because freedom has always been our mission.”

The credo of freiheit.com cites Alan Kay: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Following this credo, together with its clients, freiheit.com rapidly develops groundbreaking, digital products for leading market players. Across all projects, the company is focused on excellent, smart software as well as on data science and machine learning – from software for the connected cars of Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen through to large-scale platforms for B2B food delivery for METRO.

Claudia Dietze says: “We have super smart, well educated people - some of the best engineers in Europe. They are very passionate about technology and love to write code. That’s why we rank among the best worldwide. In Lisbon, we look for engineers on eye level: the best of their peer group, such as the top 5 per cent of the leading universities. At freiheit.com, every engineer is primus inter pares.”

In November 2018, the new Lisbon office was set up by a German starter team at the co-working space LACS – close to the old town and directly at the waterfront of the Tagus. Here, the new Portuguese engineers are working hand-in-hand with the team in Germany – the same clients, the same software, the same commitment towards high-end quality. In the meantime, freiheit.com has agreed collaborations with Lisbon’s tech universities and has hired several Portuguese employees, all spending at least six weeks for onboarding in the freiheit.com office in Germany.

Planning on further investments, Claudia Dietze stresses: “High-end quality, eager to learn and constant self-reinvention are key. Onboarding likeminded people will determine our growth in Lisbon” and she adds: “Lisbon offers us so much with its beauty, its inspiring atmosphere and the great people who welcomed us from the start. Here, we aim at long-term excellence with a team of the best engineers.”

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Every friday evening we meet for our Hackertalks

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freiheit.com invests in portugal

and opens an office in lisbon

The founder and Managing Director of freiheit.com, Claudia Dietze, explained to businessIT that the company’s name means ‘freedom’ in German and is «related to open-source software which started spreading when the company was founded». The idea «was to be one of the best in the world, not the biggest».


Claudia revealed how they proceeded. Before leaving Germany, they investigated which places had the best universities and selected three cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon: «During four weeks, we travelled, we worked in coworking spaces, we had meetings with the founders of other companies and withthe chambers of commerce». The choice was «easy» because it became obvious that Barcelona «was not the right location since most people there are foreigners». With view to Madrid, the situation was different. However, the city was «not open enough for international business». Lisbon «was a pleasant surprise. Everybody was enthusiastic about our idea of opening an office here and wanted to help us with the first steps». In addition to this, two of the main clients had teams or development centres in Lisbon: Daimler (through Mercedes) and Volkswagen. Until the end of the year, the company will «hire fifty new professionals». However, it is essential for freitheit.com to find people with «the right skills and the right attitude», in other words «they have to be curious and not afraid of being pioneers», emphasised the executive. From Germany, freiheit.com has brought four engineers because the objective was not to open a subsidiary «but to open an office at eye level with Hamburg, with the same culture and with the best engineers».

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How to Become an Engineering Manager

freiheit.com at Code.Talks 2018

Some people think, that Managers are not needed anymore. It is widely believed, that the future belongs to agile, self-organizing teams and emergent behavior. In a world without managers, these teams operate like some kind of swarm intelligence, that always finds the right solution, at the right time, and is constantly creating the highest value for the customer, right?

So why the hell would any sane software engineer ever consider becoming one of the grotesque characters we all know from the Dilbert comics?

But once you work with larger groups of humans you will discover, that there is always a need for really good management, no matter how agile you are. There is a big difference between modern engineering management, and the way most non-engineering organizations execute and experience management today. Instead of focusing on status and politics, modern engineering management emphasizes effectiveness, results, skills, and relationships.

This talk is about what it means to be an engineering manager and how you can become one yourself.

Stefan is a computer scientist and software engineer with over 35 years of hands-on experience. He runs a large engineering group of almost 120 software engineers at freiheit.com technologies, a company he founded 20 years ago. And he thought, too, that the company would never need any managers.

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HackerTalk with Aubrey de Grey

The first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born

On June 2, 2017, we got an awesome guest speaker at our HackerTalk - Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of the SENS Research Foundation. The foundation’s stated goal is to transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. Aubrey provocatively proposes that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born.

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HackerTalk with Marco Börries

Make small business work in a complex world

On May 5, 2017, Marco Börries presents his fourth product, NumberFour, or recently branded as enfore. Marco Börries is a German software engineer, a business friend and partner - and passionate entrepreneur! In his talk „Make small business work in a complex world“, he gives us an insight into his current product, his strategy as well as the architecture and technologies.

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SPIEGEL ONLINE compares top 17 offices

Where would you like to work?

SPIEGEL ONLINE compares the top 17 offices worldwide - we are in. According to a study, the productivity of each individual depends on the spatiality of the workplace. Where would you like to work?

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Even though machines are taking over more jobs that previously have been executed by humans, this development also bears a lot of opportunities for us, because we are still a valuable workforce. Nevertheless, the population declines and becomes increasingly older and many exciting jobs still remain that only someone made out of flesh and blood can do best. At the same time, the human workforce is decreasing. This is where intelligent machines can steer demographic changes towards our benefit. Claudia’s article explains why we should embrace the opportunities created by the Second Machine Age.

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From November, 25 to 27, 2016 the third Robotic Hamburg Open Workshop (RoHOW) will be held at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The RoHOW is an educational and networking event of students of the Universität Hamburg and the TUHH with students and scientists from all over the world that are active in research on humanoid robots. Teams of the standard platform and Humanoid Kid Size League are invited to present their work. RoHOW is organized by students from the RoboCup teams of the Universität Hamburg and the TUHH. freiheit.com is proud to support the open workshop!

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On October 26, 2016, we hang out with these cool, young mathematicians from Lothar Collatz School for Computing in Science, which promotes computational education & research at the interface of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computational Sciences. It is a pleasure having you, thank you for visiting us!

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Claudia Dietze - columnist for the online magazine SAAL ZWEI - writes exclusively about topics that move her in her daily life as top executive. Today: Man muss kein Programmierer sein, um Software zu entwickeln.

Not so long ago, not many job positions were offered for non-engineers in the digital industry. This has changed immensely. More and more jobs are created, where even a university degree in archaeology, history, or philosophy will take you a long way in the digital industry. Here, it is more important to understand different things in context and to question them. The second machine age will not only wipe out jobs but it will bring forth many and entirely new jobs. Nevertheless - and this may be the bad news for people with an educational background in humanities - at the same time, it won’t hurt if one is good in mathematics …

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Imagine the European Union builds its IT infrastructure based on free software. Imagine European member states trade information with the help of open standards and share their software. Imagine municipalities and city councils profit from decentralized and collaborative software based on free software licenses. Imagine Europeans are no longer forced to use proprietary software any longer.

That is the goal of the FSFE. The FSFE Summit is the general assembly that unites FSFE members and supporters from all over Europe.

As a long-term FSFE donor, freiheit.com is represented through its founder Stefan Richter. In his talk Free software is now the default choice for the digital transformation, Stefan speaks about free software as a standardized option within all major digitalization projects and Internet companies and offers basic decision guidelines for entrepreneurs, which he gathers from twenty years of personal experience.

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On September 8 and September 9, 2016, the German Unix User Group in Cologne organizes the OpenPGP.conf - the first public conference with main topic OpenPGP. We are supporters because strong encryption is the most important basic technology of a free and digital future society. freiheit.com is proud to support the conference as silver sponsor.

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