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“Imagine building the coolest software in the world. Together with people that are fun to work with. And the greatest part about it: We also get paid!”

In a Hamburg student bar, it was this thought that led to the decision of establishing freiheit.com. A technology company that offers all the freedom to engineers so they can get their best work done.

Over 100 engineers, hackers, pioneers, and business people work at freiheit.com today. We develop digital projects together with our clients. And push digital transformation processes with which large companies create their future.

We are unified by our certainty that we can best create a future with the help of technology through our daily freedom. We enjoy developing brilliant solutions for new, complex problems. Rather than long-time experience, it is more important to possess the ability to quickly learn new things from each other. And the drive to continuously grow a little more each day.


"If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don't ask what seat. You just get on."


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What a difference your day makes.

Our office in Hamburg’s St. Pauli starts to gradually fill up with people around 9 o’clock in the morning. A few early birds have already started to write some code. Others are still dropping off their little ones at the Kita or use the morning hours to do sports.

During our daily team meetings, we discuss last day’s progress and today’s plans. “What are we able to do today in order to improve the upcoming day?”. That is the most important question of the hour. Only when daily goals are clear, then developers can concentrate on what they have the most fun doing: developing.

We work in small, agile product teams of three to five persons. Every team member helps to analyze, plan, develop and design each aspect of the product. And talks to clients and designers in order to create the best user experience for his product. In doing so, every team member has an equal responsibility. Every voice counts. Only the idea wins that makes the software a better one.

With each project you and your team will face new technologies and challenges. It’s intense. And it’s an utterly unique opportunity to learn something new every day. In a short time, you will be able to comprehend how to design and develop complex digital products independently. From a software developer, you’ll evolve into a product engineer with a versatile mindset.

Every day our agile master, the office team and the commercial team support you in developing a software of which you are proud of. An agile master helps your team to ideally organize sprints and clear obstacles. The commercial team is in charge of all commercial topics. And the office team is responsible for all office tasks that need to be coordinated.

Aside from projects, every developer has the opportunity to engage in future technology trends. Everyone is welcome to participate in one of our freiheit.com factions. From augmented reality to machine learning, every faction independently ascertains how we are able to integrate new technologies in our work. And specialized trainings offer everyone the opportunity to continuously improve one’s abilities.

Central meeting point is 6Fwd - our kitchen with a magnificent panoramic view across Hamburg. Here is where we cook lunch together with colleagues. This is where every Friday our HackerTalks take place, in which our teams share their project experiences. And, of course, our legendary barbeque parties also take place here.

5…4…3…2…1 LIFT OFF.

Your application in 5 Steps.


Your Primary Contact

If you have questions regarding your application, feel free to contact Lena Oechtering anytime at (T +49 40 890584 0) or send an email: [email protected].


The Phone Interview

We do not have a traditional Human Resources department. Which is why you will speak with a possible future team colleague right away during your phone interview.


The Online Programming Challenge

If you have applied for an engineering position, we will invite you to take our online programming challenge after you have completed the phone interview. This is where you are able to show us your coding skills.


Welcome to freiheit.com

After you have taken the phone interview and completed the programming challenge and we both still match, we will invite you to our office in Hamburg or Lisbon, depending on the location. If the journey to our offices is too far, the interview will take place remotely.

We want to get to know you in a personal interview. We want to find out how you approach programming tasks. And we would like to show you how we think and work. You will meet your future colleagues from both the engineering and commercial, and they look forward to answering all of your questions. Together, we will take our time in finding out how well we go together.


The Quick Response

Usually we will contact you by phone the day after your call.

Seit 1999 entwickeln wir Software-Systeme für digitale Geschäftsmodelle. Wir sind bekannt für technische Expertise, Konzeptionsstärke und unsere Zuverlässigkeit.