Hackers wanted

As I sit here on the rooftop terrace of our office and watch the sun set over St. Pauli, I’m wondering why you might have clicked on “Jobs”.

Maybe you’re looking for your first job?

You’ve finished your studies - computer science, physics or maybe even mathematics? At any rate, you noticed at some point that computer programming completely captured your imagination. You’re good at it and were one of the best in your class. You solve problems intuitively and you can spend hours, intensely focused, transforming your ideas into elegant, working programs.

You think it’s fun.

And now you’re looking for a place where you can really learn something.

  • Somewhere that you find other people who share your passion.

  • You’d like to work as part of a team to develop ideas and bring them to life in the form of software.

  • You’d like to learn how software engineering works.

  • You don’t want just a “job”; you want to take on responsibility.

  • You don’t want to be told what to do, but to take things into your own hands.

  • But you’d like to have the reassurance that you have the support of others who can help you with literally any problem. No matter how difficult it might be.

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Or maybe you’ve already worked for another software company or another business for a few years

You’re looking for a new challenge. Or maybe you just want to live and work in Hamburg? Yes, you have experience and "`practice makes perfect"`. But you are as convinced as we are that experience is often overestimated: It’s far more important to have the ability to learn new things quickly and develop your skills a little further every day.

Whether you are applying for your first job or you have already gained experience, at you develop software and implement your ideas together with our clients.

You analyze, plan, programme, and test software. You are always in close contact with both our clients and designers, so you can create the best user experience for your project. You are the software architect and create your own software. With every project, new technologies and challenges arise for you. As a full-stack engineer, your software gets better each day. Unlike many other companies, we also feel comfortable outside our natural habitat - writing code - and jointly develop and implement ideas with our customers. You are involved in all phases of software engineering, hence, you also have a great responsibility.

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Would you like to be a part of it?

Then, we’d be happy for you to submit an application.

jobs computer

STEP 1: What can you expect when you contact us?

First of all: If you have any questions, you can call Ute Ahrens anytime (+49 40 890 584 0) or send her an e-mail:

Or you just send us your complete application. Also directly to Ute.

Step 2: The telephone interview

During the phone interview, you will speak to a potential co-worker. We directly recruit within each team which is a great opportunity for us to directly influence the recruiting process of a potential fellow developer.

Step 3: The online coding challenge

If the phone interview goes well, it’s time for an online coding challenge. This will give us the chance to test your coding skills - the lifeblood of any successful software company.

Step 4: The personal interview in the heart of Hamburg - St. Pauli

During the personal interview, we’d like to get to know you and see how you solve different programming problems. And, of course, you get to know us. You can ask questions and we’ll show you our office and how we work.

Step 5: In addition to your abilities, your personality is also very important to us

Most likely, you’ll have a final meeting with our Commercial Director Claudia Dietze or one of our team coaches. It’s very important to us that you fit into our company culture. Everyone of us is a unique individual and we’re not looking for certain types of personalities. However, it’s important that we share the same core value system and reasons for motivation. Together with Claudia, you’ll explore how you could fit in with us.

If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don't ask what seat. You just get on.

Seit 1999 entwickeln wir Software-Systeme für digitale Geschäftsmodelle. Wir sind bekannt für technische Expertise, Konzeptionsstärke und unsere Zuverlässigkeit.

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