Global Day Of Coderetreat 2016

Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of 'getting things done', the coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement. invites everyone who has a passion for programming and developing to sit back, relax, and indulge in leisure lines of code. When? October 22, 2016 starting at 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Drinks and Food are provided free of charge. See you on soon + happy hacking!

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In his talk “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin - Improve Your Microservices Kung Fu in 36 Easy Steps”, Stefan shows us 36 basic principles, that will turn you into the master of your first microservice project.

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At this year’s code.talks 2016, Rasmus explains how to write a microservice in Clojure from scratch. He shows us how to build a microservice that extracts data from the GitHub API to use it for repository mining.

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We are giving away 5 tickets for this year’s code.talks

As a long-term code.talks sponsor, we always receive a certain amount of tickets which we set aside for our colleagues. Now, we would like to give away five of these valuable tickets - which always sell out fast - to students in order to give young academics a chance to join us at the code.talks. If you are keen for a ticket, use Google Forms here. On Friday September 23, 2016 the lucky winners will be contacted. All decisions are final.

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METRO goes Microservices

Thomas Storck - CIO METRO Cash & Carry - knows the necessity of the digital transformation. He was the driving force behind building a food delivery software to optimize his customer’s needs. METRO is at the very top of Europe’s online retailers, counting more than 3 billion euros in revenue within the food delivery business of online orders. A strong technology partner stands behind making the first step towards the future. Together with and the company’s founder Stefan Richter, he develops new solutions and excellent software on the basis of cloud computing, microservices, and browser-based, innovative apps. At the code.talks commerce special 2016 in Berlin both present possible, arising challenges during the development of the food delivery software for 25 different countries and why Java 8 and JavaScript but also Go, Clojure and ClojureScript play an important role.

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Can we build an intelligent software agent, who portrays a perfect project manager? A bot who delivers information in the right time to the right people and who is both analyzer and messenger as well as helpful assistant at the same time? In September 2015, Stefan Richter speaks at the fifth code.talks conference about the usage of intelligent agents within software development.

With his presentation “Writing Simple, Readable and Robust Code: Examples in Java, Clojure and Go” Stefan Richter shows us with the help of one example three solution approaches in three different languages. In the following presentation, Java and Clojure can be viewed; Go is a live coding experiment, therefore not documented.

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The code.talks have grown to become one of Europe’s biggest developer conferences. In 2015, the developer’s community celebrates their reunion for the fifth time. is gold sponsor, once again. Stefan Richter and Martin Holtschneider are curators for tracks “New Technology” and “Scalability”, respectively.

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In September 2015, sponsors the ECML PKDD in Porto. The ECML is a machine learning conference, which takes place annually in different European locations. Our colleague Michael Großhans is a guest speaker at the conference, presenting the topic “Solving Prediction Games with Parallel Batch Gradient Descent”.

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Artificial neural networks have a major technological potential. Meanwhile, many open source machine learning software libraries exist in order to experiment with deep artificial neural networks, i.e. TensorFlow or Torch. In his presentation “Machine Learning mit künstlichen neuronalen Netzwerken in Clojure” (“Machine Learning with Artificial Neural Networks in Clojure”), Stefan Richter shows us - during the fourth code.talks in 2014 - how exciting it is to build one’s own library for artificial neural networks in Clojure.

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We crave for new Sensations

“We crave for new sensations but soon become indifferent to them. The wonders of yesterday are today common occurrences.”
— Nikola Tesla

    How England is starting to censor the Internet

    David Cameron’s internet porn filter is the start of censorship creep

    Here’s a blurb from Jello Biafra, the singer the Dead Kennedys:

    "`What they’re trying to do with radio, with this, uh, McCarran-Walter Act and a lot of other ways, is start by saying that they’re protecting the public from wicked rock bands, or girlie magazines, or whatever. But, if you follow the chain of dominoes that falls down what they’re really trying to do is shut off our access to information itself.

    If they can’t do it by law they know there’s other ways to do it.`"

      Black Friday 2013 Sales Report

      Mobile = 37 percent of all online traffic.

      By smartphone OS, iOS was almost four and a half times higher than Android, driving 17.5 percent vs. 4 percent for Android. iOS also led as a component of overall traffic with 25.8 percent vs. 11 percent for Android.

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      Stream updates with Server-Sent events

      Very cool. An alternative to Socket.IO and WebSockets for sending data from the server to the client. Server-Sent Events (SSE) with EventSource.

      All browsers support it! Well, except IE. Also runs mobile on iOS7 and Android 4.4+.

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      Idea versus Execution

      A lot of people have ideas. But an idea isn’t worth anything unless you’re able to put it into action. “The key difference between creativity and innovation is execution: the capacity to turn an idea into a successful service, product or venture.”

      Five criteria that mark a successful innovator:

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      System monitoring for free

      Yes, operations should take care of monitoring. But, doubling the resources is even better, isn’t it? Actually, every developer should monitor the critical features of their software in the live system. Uptime Robot is free and there is even an Android app.

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      Homescreen Web apps for Android

      Chrome for Android can convert a website into an app when you create a bookmark using “Add to homescreen.” Instead of just creating a bookmark, an app will be generated on your homescreen which operates in fullscreen mode and is cleanly integrated into the operating system. To enable this functionality, all you have to do is a meta tag:

      <meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

      This is truly a minimal amount of effort to make mobile websites even more useful.

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      Ping attribute for event tracking

      The ping attribute has been a part of the HTML standards since 2010. But, few people know about it. However, it is a very useful way to simplify individual event tracking – the capture of behavioral data. From our perspective the trend is going away from standard web analytics packages. Instead, we are recommending that our customers capture and analyze their data themselves. It is simpler and more flexible than with a tool, which abstracts relatively limited meaning from your data.

      When you use this attribute and the user clicks on a link, then the browser sends a request in parallel to the URL which is indicated in the ping attribute. That could even be multiple URLs: "The ping attribute, if present, gives the URLs of the resources that are interested in being notified if the user follows the hyperlink. The value must be set to space-separated tokens, each of which must be a valid non-empty URL. The value is bused by the user agent for hyperlink auditing."

      <a href="" ping="">
          Super Gizmo

      Google uses this to eliminate the need for a redirect to a mobile search result. Via the ping attribute a click will be sent for tracking purposes to Google. However, the mobile browser can be sent directly to the corresponding URL. This saves roughly 200 to 400 ms per click.

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      Shadow DOM and web components

      Shadow DOM is used to hide parts of the DOM so that one can implement components inside of the DOM. Today DOM is basically comparable to a very large global variable in which the state of the user interface is represented. With Shadow DOM and its related specification you encapsulate parts of the DOM.

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