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We have been developing new ideas and software systems for digital business models since 1999. We are known for our inventiveness, technical expertise, conceptual skills, and reliability.

We are not an agency - we are a software company

Millions of page impressions, visits, and users. Terabytes of data. Since 1999, we have been building high-performance, robust web applications, mobile apps, social media tools, and big data systems.

Small teams, agile systems engineering, continuous delivery. Flat hierarchies. Experienced team leaders, who still code with their teams every day. Every developer has direct contact with the customer, develops concepts, designs software, programs, tests and delivers working software with a very short turnaround time.

We develop the user interface design together with freelance graphic designers or agencies. We take care of the user experience ourselves: We measure the user’s behavior, compare the variants in an A/B test and implement changes based on the results. We work as a team to find elegant solutions for complex problems.

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Our mission is to ship great software

It is our passion to build great software and we love to solve difficult problems. Our goal is to make the world a little better every day. Regardless of whether we’re developing innovative ideas for our customers, reflecting on our own work and company culture, or advocating for Free Software, digital civil rights and against software patents.

We are an unusual company, populated by unconventional people, who develop exceptional products.

Experience in hundreds of projects

We developed the first online travel booking systems in Germany. A large portion of the software used by German online bookstores runs on software we created. We have built lottery and dating platforms and very large e-commerce systems for different industries. We have implemented entire social networks, music streaming and search platforms - for real estate, for example - and we work for nearly all the large German publishing houses and the automobile industry.

The diversity of the projects is important to us: We don’t specialize in certain trends or industries. We are engineers, hackers in the best sense of the word, who put themselves into the customer’s world, and we use our technical expertise to develop creative ideas and novel approaches.

If we were a multimedia agency, we would belong to the German Top Ten in terms of turnover. But we’re not an agency, but rather a very creative and innovative software service provider. We are an internet software company.

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Agile development for nearly 15 years

We have a reputation for implementing software projects on time and within budget. To achieve this, we have developed our own efficient project management process.

From the very beginning, alongside our primarily American approach, we at have conceived our own agile software development systems engineering and continued to optimize it in our everyday, practical work - long before Scrum and XP: feature-based programming.

We published a book about our systems engineering together with the renowned computer book publisher Addison-Wesley: “Feature-based Programming - Planung, Programmierung, Projekt-Management: Über die Kunst, systematisch zu planen und mit Agilität umzusetzen”. Feature-based programming aims to implement software projects on time, on budget and in their entirety and provides the “missing link” in the evolution of agile processes: the ability to plan and reproduce a developmental process without losing the necessary agility.

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Seit 1999 entwickeln wir Software-Systeme für digitale Geschäftsmodelle. Wir sind bekannt für technische Expertise, Konzeptionsstärke und unsere Zuverlässigkeit.

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