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We Are a Global Team.

In our Engineering Hubs in Hamburg and Lisbon you will meet people from all over the world, different cultures, colors, languages, genders and lifestyles. We celebrate diversity and openness.

When you ask anybody why they are working here, it is pretty likely that people will say “because of the people” and “because I have never learnt so much in my life”. Our company is a place to be yourself, aim high, taking care of each other and growing without limits. employees at a meeting employees at a meeting

Of course we have a beautiful office in a very nice area of each city, a place to hang out, play pool and have fun with your team members. But more important is that we offer you the ability to work on interesting things and owning a complete large-scale project from idea to implementation and operations. You have the opportunity to learn from senior engineers, work in a well-organized and well-managed company and start a fulfilling career in tech.

P.S. Although we visit our clients regularly, all team members are working mainly from Hamburg or Lisbon and not on the clients’ premises.

At heart we are an unusual, innovative and bold engineering company. 85 % of our people are engineers with backgrounds in computer science, physics or mathematics, many also with strong machine learning backgrounds.

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