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Christoph Magnussen, CEO @ Blackboat - Part 2


In the last five years, Christoph Magnussen, book author, filmmaker, keynote speaker and CEO of Blackboat, produced more than 300 podcast episodes about New Work. In the House of New Work in Hamburg, he rethinks the standards of how knowledge workers will collaborate in the 21st century. How did he get to this point, and what were his key learnings along the way?

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Sascha Meyer, CPO @ MOIA


After studying logistics & e-business in Remagen and playing bass in jazz clubs at night for a living, Sascha became a management consultant after he earned his first product management chops in the telco industry. Then he became a founding member of the product team at MOIA and launched this new kind of mobility service in Hamburg in 2019. He will share a good amount of war stories from this amazing journey.

Sven Lipowski, Business Process Director @


Sven Lipowski and Stefan Richter started METRO’s first digital transformation project in 2015. He shares their insights on how they started METRO’s biggest digitization project together, from the first workshop until making €4 billion turnover per year with a highly scalable microservice platform running in 24 countries.

Sarah Nahm, Ex-Google PM & Founder of Lever


From Product Manager at Google to CEO at Lever: Stefan Richter talked with Sarah Nahm. After working as a product manager at Google, she founded Lever, a company that changed recruiting worldwide. Sarah will tell us her story and how the Associate Product Management Program (APM) at Google helped her to become a CEO of her own company.

How To Optimize Engineering Productivity


Stefan Richter, Founder & Head of Engineering @, talks about engineering productivity: a data-driven engineering discipline focused on optimizing the engineering process so that organizations can deliver amazing experiences to their users faster.

Jackie Bavaro, Former Head of PM @ Asana


Jackie Bavaro started her career as a PM at Microsoft and Google. At Google, Jackie was part of the famous APM program and worked as a Product Manager for the Google Data APIs and Google Search. In 2011, Jackie joined Asana as the company’s first Product Manager before she later became the Head of Product Management. Jackie is also the co-author of the famous book “Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology”.

How to build and run an efficient software engineering organization


Running a software project is still hard and a lot of companies still struggle to make their teams efficient, productive and successful. As many companies have already noticed, working “agile” is also not the silver bullet.

Stefan Richter, Founder and Head of Engineering of, shares his insights on how to empower teams to manage themselves.