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Friday, Dec 20, 2019

freiheit.com supports the “Heroes of the Sea”

Europe’s leading German software company contributes to York Hovest’s project of crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat.

Hamburg/Lisbon, December 10, 2019 – The German software company freiheit.com has allocated a donation to the actual environmental project of York Hovest. Together with two friends, the photographer and National Geographic book author will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat – from Gran Canaria to Barbados during a period of over 50 days. York started this journey just ten days ago. The ocean crossing is part of his mission to save the oceans by enhancing the visibility of the “Heroes of the Sea” as he calls the people in his recent book whose activities contribute to saving the oceans. About two weeks before starting his pioneering adventure, York visited the freiheit.com office in Hamburg.

Claudia Dietze, Founder and Managing Director of freiheit.com, explains: “Every year, we choose a project that we can support – to give something back. We were immediately fascinated by York and are very excited about what he does. He is a true pioneer. We appreciate people like him who have a mission and really move something.”

Stefan Richter, Founder and Head of Engineering of freiheit.com, adds: “With crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, York risks his life to create visibility for our oceans’ dilemma and he shows that everybody can do something to save our environment.”

York Hovest says: “I am grateful for the donation. It is especially important to me that forward-looking companies like freiheit.com are committed to engage in saving the oceans. In doing so, they assume a leading role setting the tone for many others.”

Apart from the challenging crossing, York is working on another ambitious project: A platform where all activities to save the ocean can be displayed: a Wikipedia of the oceans heroes, accessible to everyone. The ideas of Claudia and Stefan match with those of York: Specialising in developing large scale software platforms, the two founders share the believe in creating digital platforms to enable a better future for everyone. They are pioneers and have been reinventing themselves and what they do for their clients over and over again since they founded their company freiheit.com in 1999 in Hamburg, Germany. In November 2018, freiheit.com opened an office in Lisbon which is steadily growing.

To find out more information about York Hovest´s project “Heroes of the Sea”, click the following link: http://heroesofthesea.com" →